Getting Dressed

Well for starters I have this remote control vibrator. it would be inserted with fresh batteries, then a leather chastity belt would be padlocked on.
Next would be a Black corset.
You would get dressed in a somewhat transparent white blouse.
then a tight rubber miniskirt.
white thigh high lacy stockings.
and 5″ black patent pumps.
I want you wobbly when we are walking to the restaurant and I turn on your vibrator of course.
While we are driving to the restaurant, you would be handcuffed, ankle cuffed, and collared. Upon arriving I will remove your cuffs and collar. We walk to the restaurant. every now and then I fiddle with the remote making you wobble a bit on your heels. We go in and are seated right away, back in a remote corner. I put your handcuffs back on, the sleeves of the blouse partly covers them. We enjoy our dinner; you realize that eating with cuff on is not so hard after all. On the drive home, I lay you in the back seat, I padlock your ankle cuffs to your wrist cuffs behind your back. I pull the seatbelts over you to strap you in place. I blindfold you and we drive home.
When we get there, I uncuff your ankles, and lead you into the “shop”.
I pull your wrists up behind you and attach your cuffs to a chain hanging from the ceiling.
I roll over the mounting post. and stop in front of you.
I pull off your blindfold so you can see what I have been working on.
There is a 4 ft post with eyebolts near the top and on the sides. at the bottom there is a place for you to sit. On the “seat” there is a large vibrator attached. I remove your skirt, and your chastity belt. I release you from the wrist cuffs and remove your blouse. I let you use the restroom for the last time that evening.
you come back out and I sit you on the seat, Slowly Impaling your rear on to the vibrator.
I pull your elbows back, wrap soft fur lined cuffs around them and padlock them to the post behind your back. I cuff your wrists and lock those to the post as well. I cuff your ankles and pull them up behind you making you arch your back a bit. I lock them to eyebolts in the post as well. I take a wide leather belt and wrap it around your still corseted waist and around the post. Cinching you firmly. Your privates are free and open now, for me to lick and fondle. I spend about fifteen minutes nibbling and licking your bound squirming body. then I tell you it is time for me to have some fun. I gag you with a rubber ball and pull a tight latex hood over your head. it has only nose holes so you are blind and mute now.
I attach clamps to your nipples slowly tightening them till I can give them a good tug and they stay attached.
I start to drip warm candle wax on your body. Since you are blind you never know where the next one will hit. and it is so hard for you to squirm when you are so tightly bound. I turn on the vibrator in your rear and fondle your clit with my right hand as I drip more wax on you with my left. By the shaking your body is doing I assume you are having an orgasm, so I keep it up. It is hard to tell with you gagged and bound so tight. So Just in case you haven’t, I take another vibrator and rub it against your Clitoris for a bit. I love watching your tightly bound muscles flexing and flinching.
I reach up and pull the clips off of your nipples. That manages to make you heave your chest a small bit.
I get out a roll of plastic wrap and proceed to wrap your body to the mounting post. before I wrap your bottom, I put the remote control vibrator in you and then wrap you tightly to make sure it does not slip out.
I set up a cot and get my blankets and sleeping bag and set them up right next to you.
On the back of the post by your fingers I tape a switch that you can reach with your fingers if you need to. It sets off a loud horn so I can rescue you if the need arises.
I turn out the light, give you a kiss goodnight through the rubber hood and lay down to sleep. it seems I left the vibrators on……….

The next Morning, I get up, and walk over to you, bound so beautifully. I begin to unwrap you, and waken you with kisses.. I unshackle you from the post, and get some steel cuffs for your wrists and ankles. I carry you to the house, and remove your corset. I run a hot bath for you, and set you in
the bath, still shackled with your steel cuffs.
Since it is the weekend, I hope to keep you bound in one way or another all weekend.
I gently wash your body down. and let you soak there while I make breakfast. I lay out a sheet of plastic in the kitchen, and set a chair on top of that. I wrap the chair in Plastic wrap.
I go upstairs, and lift you out of the tub. I dry you off, and carry you downstairs, and set you on the chair. I chain your ankles to the handy eyebolts on the side of the chair, pulling your
legs up and apart. I padlock your wrists to an eyebolt at the back of the chair. I pull over a little table with your breakfast on it, and another chair and I begin to feed you.
First the orange juice, which I accidentally pull back before I tip it back up, spilling down your chest, I lick the juice from your chest, then get you a bite of waffle with syrup on it. it accidentally drops onto your pelvis and onto the chair. I pick it up in my teeth and feed it to you from my teeth.
I think of a better way to put the syrup on the waffles. I smear butter on the front of your body, and then I pour syrup down your chest. I tear off a bit of waffle and wipe it on your body getting it buttered and
syrupy and feed it to you. You look so tasty with the mess I have made on your body I quickly unlock you from the chair, and lay you down on the floor, all sticky and gooey. I
lay on top of you and enter you quickly. I am so aroused I only last about five minutes. So I move back off of you, and tell you that you need some protein to go with breakfast, so I lick you and suck my come from you, I slide up your body and feed you our mingled juices from my tongue.
I slide down and get more juices for you.
After feeding you, I wipe off our bodies with towels, slip on some slippers, and carry you up to the shower. I run us a hot steamy shower, and chain your wrists to the shower head as I scrub down your body. I dry us off, and lead you to the closet, where I have laid out your attire for the day.
It consists of latex underwear with two sheaths, two remote control vibrators, another panty of latex, to hold the vibrators in, latex stockings, latex gloves, a latex Catsuit, with full arms and a high collar,
a latex skirt, and latex jacket.
You are to be my Rubber slave for the day…

I get out a large sheet of plastic, and pull a stool to the middle of the room. I lay the plastic over the stool, and spread it out on the floor. I run down to the kitchen and get some cornstarch. When I return, I find you sitting on the stool, smiling and waiting. I get the slippery stuff lubricant and the panties and vibrators, and walk over to you, You stand up, and putting your hands on my shoulders, you pick up a foot, for me to slip the panties over your foot. You set that down, and pick up your other foot. I slip the panties over that foot, and pull them up to your thighs.
I squirt a bunch of lubricant into the inside of the panty with the sheaths molded into it, then slide them up to your waist. I pick up a vibrator, and lube it up, then slide it into the rear sheath. I get the other vibrator and lube it up then slide it into the front sheath. I turn you around, and have you bend over, with your hands on the stool, I spread your legs apart. Taking ahold of the rear vibrator, I gently put the tip against your rear, then start to slowly push it in. as your rear opens up, i stop to let you get used to it, then I push the latex covered vibrator all the way into you, very slowly. Taking ahold of the front latex covered vibrator, I push that slowly into your sex. Next I pull the panties further up around your waist, and smooth them out. You can feel the extra lubricant squishing around your privates, cool at first, but starting to warm to your temperature. I pull the other panties up over the first with the sheaths and vibrators, trapping them inside of you. Grabbing you by the shoulders, I stand you up, and turn you around, then push you back down to sit on the stool. When you hit the stool, it press against your vibrators, pushing them further into you. You gasp and close your eyes, I hold you steady.
Then when you open them back up again, I kneel down and get the stockings. I spoon some cornstarch into the stockings, and shake them around, and then I roll them up. I lift one foot, and slide the foot of the stocking over your foot. I roll the stocking up your leg. Then I get the other stocking, roll it up as well, and take your other foot. Guiding the stocking over your foot, I roll that one up your other leg as well. They do not slide around like your panties do, so you can walk in them easier.
I squirt some lubricant into your gloves, and roll them up. Taking a hand, I guide a glove over your hand, and you can feel the lubricant squishing between your fingers. I roll the glove up your arm, the latex sliding over your skin. I roll the other glove over your other hand and up your arm.
I next go get the catsuit and bring it to you, unzipping it down the back and through the crotch. I get the lubricant, and liberally coat the inside of the catsuit. I stand you up, and holding the catsuit to you, you lift your leg, and i help guide the leg of the suit over your foot and up your leg. it slides on rather easily with all the lubricant. you set that foot down and lift your other, I slide that leg on as well. Holding out your arms, I slide the arms of the catsuit over them. When the cool lubricated latex touches your stomach, you inhale quickly sucking in your tummy, bit it sticks to you, slowly warming up. I turn you around and reach between your legs. I grab the zipper and pull it through your crotch. As I zip up the suit, it pulls tightly around your body, I stop at the small of your back. I get a tube of thick lubricant, and put a plastic tube on the end. I fish it down between your butt cheeks, and squirt most of the lube down into your crotch. I continue zipping up your catsuit, pulling it tightly around your body. The feeling of restriction, yet no friction as the latex slides over your skin is so erotic, you have to sit down for a bit.
I pick up the red latex skirt, and wrap it around you, zipping it up the back. I then go to the closet, and rummaging around, I find a red heavy rubber basque. Smiling I turn around holding it up to you. Your eyes get really big. That just makes me smile more. I come over to you and have you stand up. I wrap it around you and buckle up the front. I turn you around, and start pulling the laces tight in the back, feeding the slack to the middle. You feel your waist contracting, and the lubricant squishing out from under the basque. As I contract your waist, your breaths get a little shorter for a bit while you get used to the tightness, and the plugs feel larger inside of you. I tie off the laces, and you stand there and catch your breath. You look to the mirror, and see yourself covered in latex from toe to neck. All black except for the short skirt and basque over your body.
I go back to the closet, and come back with some black latex thigh boots. I have you sit on the stool. I slide the boots onto your feet, the arch of the foot caused by the 6 inch heel bends your foot down severely. I lace up your boots. There are no speed laces, so it takes me awhile, and I make sure they are nice and snug on your legs. When I am done, I get 4 padlocks, and padlock through the top eyelets of the boots, and through the top and bottom sets of eyelets on your basque.
I stand back and tell you to walk around. The lubricant has started to absorb into your skin, causing the latex to stick to you like a second skin. Everywhere at least, except for your crotch. There, the heavy lubricant keeps everything slippery, and every step you take, you feel the panties slipping and sliding over your rear, and pelvis. The Vibrators sliding in and out so slightly with every movement.