The Mannequin

You are sitting there on the stool in the club. You are nursing your drink watching all the people in their fetish gear walking around. You look like you wish you were one of them. What draws my attention to you is your leather boots.
I like the Short blue dress as well, but I really like the boots and the spike heels. I am dressed in a silver latex bodysuit, black leather boots, black latex top.
I walk up to the bar, and order a vodka on ice.
You look at me, and touch my arm feeling the latex. You ask me how it feels. I tell you about how much I love latex. We talk about latex, and the conversation turns to bondage as well. I ask if you would be interested in trying some of both.
You bite your lips, wondering if you should go with this man or not. We go to a booth and talk for a while. After a bit of conversation and enough vodka, you decide what the hell.
I take you to my car. I load you into the back seat. I push a large rubber ball into your mouth then tape over your mouth. I cuff your wrists behind your back, cuff your ankles and padlock them together holding you in a hog-tie. I throw a latex sheet over your body, making sure you can still breath ok. And get in and drive away.
We arrive at my house. I pull a handcart out and load you into it. I roll you into the house on the bottom level. I pick you up and lay you on a table.
I remove your coat from your shoulders, and then unlocking one wrist at a time I remove the coat from your arms.
Once your coat is removed and you are locked back up I remove your dress from your body.
I go to the wall, and select some latex clothes.
a black latex catsuit with a zip through the crotch and up the back.
Black latex stockings.
Black latex shoulder length gloves.
a red latex minidress with a high neck and no zipper.
I come back to you.
Off of a shelf under you I pull out a silver and clear dildoe.
I push it into your pussy. Then I wrap a chain around your waist, padlock it in front then wrap it through your crotch. I pull it snug and padlock it in back. it holds the dildoe in to you deeply.
I pick up a control box and push a button
It makes your pelvis and vagina contract.
I uncuff your wrists and ankles.
I remove your boots and what is left of your stockings.
I rub lubricant all over your body, then I roll the stockings up your legs.
Next I roll the gloves up your arms and make sure they are nice and smooth
They are very tight on your limbs.
I roll you over onto your back, and disconnect the leads to your dildoe.
I remove the chains from your waist and crotch.
I pull some latex panties from a drawer under the table. They have little rubber nubs on the inside over your clit and labia area. There are rubber sheaths molded into the panties. I slide them up your legs and into your crotch. I pour a liberal amount of lubricant inside of the panties and pull them tight to your waist.
I slide your latex covered arms and legs into the catsuit.
I roll you over onto your front and zip the suit up through your crotch and up your back
I wrap a steel collar around your neck and padlock the zipper to the collar in back of your neck.
I unzip your crotch, and lubricate some plugs with hoses attached to them. I push them into the sheaths and then slide them into you. the front sheath into your pussy, then the rear sheath slowly into your rear. There are two electrical connectors on the panties that I reattach the leads from the silver and clear dildoe to. Then I zip up your crotch.
I spread your arms and legs out, and cuff your wrists to eyebolts in the table off to your sides…
I slide the thigh high rubber boots up your legs, then lace them up and wrap cuffs around your ankles and attach them to eyebolts as well, holding you spread-eagled on the table.
You see what looks like a store mannequin, but it is hanging from a chain from the ceiling, the arms and legs pulled up tight behind it. You see it squirm a bit and realize it is a live person. you panic and try to move, but you are held fast. I walk into your field of view. I run my fingers through your hair and pull your head up off of the table. I ask how you enjoyed your nap. you try to say something but the rubber ball and tape prevent much more than a moan to emanate from you.
“So you liked it huh?”
I push a button on your control box, and your pussy slowly clenches and relaxes. your eyes get wide as you realize that you cannot control it. you feel the dildoe that you are clenching around, but cannot figure out how or why you keep fucking the dildoe. I push another button and the dildoes inside of you get a little bit bigger.
I leave you there lying on the table and walk over to the bound latex covered body hanging from the ceiling.
I turn it around and lift up the hood. You see a woman’s face. I push some buttons on a control box hanging from her and you watch her twitch around, gently swinging. Then I stop and she relaxes a bit. I whisper in her ear, “I brought you a new toy to play with…
You see her smile around the gag….
I lower her to the floor, and start to unwrap her from her bindings.
You watch as the layers of leather and latex come off of her…
She rests there for a while, then gets up slowly and walks to you. She is covered in latex head to toe, all except for her face.
she reaches down to your face and lifts it up by the chin. She smiles at you and turns to look at me, “she is beautiful, Thank you. When do I get to play with her?” I tell her to leave you shackled to the table, but she is free to play with your controls.
She pics up the control box and starts manipulating the knobs and buttons, bringing you to an incredible orgasm. She says that was fun, lets do it again. You are so helpless to stop her. She starts the electro stimulation up again, this time even more intense. You think you are going to fuck the dildoe until you split apart, then she pumps up the one in you rear till you lift your rear in the air. you squeal, and she makes you fuck yourself harder and harder. you orgasm again then she turns down the controls until you are just at a mild clench and release. She lets the air out of the plugs so they get small enough to the point where you know they are there, but they do not bother you much.
She sets down your control box and walks over to me, “now that was so much fun, you need to fuck me”
I lead her over to a padded sawhorse, and bend her over. She grabs her ankles. I unzip the crotch to my latex catsuit, and pull out my latex covered cock.
I walk over to her, and push my cock to her pussy, then enter her in one stroke. I stand there behind her and fuck her while you watch us. She is moaning and panting and you hear her orgasm then you see me orgasm. I pull out of her, and walk over to you. She stands up and comes over as well. She lifts your face up off of the table and holds it in her latex covered hands. You see the valve at the end of my rubber-covered cock. I hold it to your face and open the valve, spraying my come over your face. Then I reach down and pull the tape off of your mouth, I reach in and pull the ball out of your mouth. She asks you how you liked that. And before you answer, she reaches down and licks some of my come from your face.
She turns and looks at me, “so when do I get her?”
I tell her that we can bind you up so you cannot get away and she can have you tonight if she wants. She tells me we need dinner first. I tell her to help me bind you then, and we can bring you up for dinner with us.
I roll a large wooden stand over to you. it is about 4 ft tall. it has a seat in front of it with a huge dildoe mounted on it. There are eyebolts up the sides. the main post is a 4×6. I uncuff your wrists and you try to fight, she grabs your control and inflates the dildoes inside of you till you scream stoppppp! And stop struggling. I hold your wrists together, and she slides a heavy rubber armbinder up your arms. She pulls the lacing tighter and tighter, pulling your arms together behind your back.. I attach a spreader bar between your ankles then unlock your ankle cuffs from the eyebolts in the table.
The two of us lift you up.
I deflate the plug in your rear, and pull it out of you, leaving the rubber sheath in you. We carry you over to the post, and lower you down onto it, your arms are behind the post so it goes up between your back and your arms. the dildoe enters the sheath in your rear, impaling you and holding you firm. I wrap a wide heavy rubber strap around your waist, and buckle it tightly. Then I padlock the d-rings on either side of the post to eyebolts screwed into the post. I remove one end of your spreader bar from your left ankle, and pull your legs back behind you. I reattach the spreader bar to your left ankle behind the post then pull it up behind you. Your legs are up behind you so all of your weight is resting on the thin padded seat, and holding you impaled in the solid dildoe mounted in the seat.
We roll you out of the dungeon and down the hall into the kitchen. There is a table with a hold in the middle. we open one side of the table and roll you into the middle, then close it. Your head is sticking up put of the middle of the table now.
She crawls up on the table and lies on her back. she unzips the crotch to her catsuit, and pushes her sex to your face. She reaches down and grabs your head and pushes it into her crotch hard. This is your dinner she tells you, so you had better eat as much as you can. I go over to the stove and cook dinner for us while you eat her.
About the time you have brought her to her second orgasm dinner is finished and I bring three plates over to the table.
She climbs off of the table and zips up her suit then sits down in front of you.
We eat our dinner, every now and then she feeds you a bite from your plate with her fingers, and she makes you lick her fingers clean between bites.
After dinner, we remove you from the table and roll you down the hall to our room. We unlock you from the mounting post, lift you up and lay you in the middle of the bed. We lock a chain to your collar, and another to your spreader bar, holding you in the middle of the bed. We go to the other room and shower. In an hour or so we return and crawl into bed, one on each side of you. We caress you as we fall asleep, all three of us in latex.
You are wondering what we may have in store for you tomorrow…
You wake up. You are lying there in bed all by yourself. You try to look down at your feet because they feel funny. You cannot move your head because there is a collar laced tightly around your neck that prevents you from moving your head. You look up at a mirror and see boots with 9″ heels laced on to your legs up to your thighs. You try to move your arms, which are no longer in the armbinder, but you cannot very far, your hands are spread to your sides laced up in mittens. There are cuffs over the laces that are padlocked in place.
it is kind of difficult to breathe because of the tight corset around your body. You see it is shiny, and wonder what it is made of to be so stiff.
She comes into the bedroom and leans down and kisses you on the lips. She licks across them lightly, then whispers in your ear, “you look beautiful tightly laced up like this. We are going to take you shopping in a bit, but first we need to wash you up a bit.”
I come into the room, and unlock you from your chains. We help you up. You cannot bend your legs because the boots are laced on so tight. You cannot bend at the waist either because of the corset and you cannot turn or tip your head because of the neck corset. I wrap a chain around your waist and padlock your mittens to it. We help you to a platform with a tall post with a dildoe on the top. We lift you up and mount you on the dildoe, and then we chain your ankles to eyebolts on the platform.
You are rolled out of the room and down the hall. We roll you out the back door, and set you in the middle of the yard.
I get a bucket of soapy water and she gets the garden hose. I scrub you down with the soapy water, and then she rinses you off. We both get towels and wipe you off, then we spray you with rubber shine, and shine you up to a high gloss.
I roll you around to the garage. there is an open crate in the back of the truck, we lift you off of the post and lie you in the crate then hook up your control leads to a remote control; panel. We close the lid. You feel the first clenches caused by the Electro stimulation devices, and the plug in your pussy starting to inflate then deflate. Then you are lost in oblivion as we drive off……
You feel the truck stop. The toys in you stop doing their thing. The lid to your crate opens. We disconnect you from the box control panel. We lift you out of the crate and mount you back on the dildoe platform, then lock your ankles in place. We put a rubber hood over your gagged face then roll you down the street. Some one asks us what we are doing. We tell her you are a mannequin for the fetish shop down the street. Oh they say and walk on. we roll you some more. you hear the bell to the door and we roll you inside.
I unlock your mittens from your waist chain and re lock the ends to a spreader bar above your head. you hear the hoist clinking as your arms are stretched out above your head. You can feel someone snapping leads back on to your crotch leads. You feel yourself involuntarily clenching your pussy around the inflating dildoe in your pussy, and the dildoe in your rear. I stretch you out tightly and you start to lift slightly from the platform. The padlocks at your ankle cuffs hold you down to the platform.
You hear her tell you that you are to be a floor demonstration model. And she has put a display of whips in front of you for customers to try out. Oh and that the control box will be out on the counter as a Demonstrator. The people playing with it will not know that you are hooked up to it, Hopefully we have you stretched tight enough and gagged well enough that the “customers” will continue to think you are just a Mannequin like the sign on the display case says you are.
you hear the bell tinkle to the door.
you wish your could see but the rubber hood prevents any sight.
the plug in your front starts to inflate and deflate quickly. Then a jolt in your rear causes you to clench your ass around the dildoe tightly then all of a sudden it is gone then your pussy clenches and releases fast. You realize someone is playing with the control box oblivious as to what they are really doing. You start to float away in pleasure when you hear the bell tinkle again.
Then off you go into a haze of pleasure and pain when all of a sudden you feel a sharp sting across your thighs right above the tops of your boots, then another across your ass., then some quick ones across your legs right above your boots again. You realize that these people must really think you are a mannequin, completely unaware that there is a real person under all the rubber.
The bell tinkles again. You shudder to think what may happen to you next. Whoever had the control box had set it down. You relax as much as could be expected stretched out like that. Then you get slapped across the breasts with the crop. It makes you inhale, and right then your pussy and your ass clench around the intruders, then the dildoe pumps up inside of you, you think you are going to pass out and then another swat across the breasts. Then someone paddles you on the ass at the same time.
Whoever is playing with the control box is flicking the pussy contractor on and off real fast making you fuck the inflated plug inside of you.
You hear someone say you feel so real under the rubber. You hear me say it is just firm foam around a steel frame, not to worry he cannot break it. OK he says, then paddles you again while you fuck yourself.
I can see a barely discernable twitch and I imagine you may be coming inside there. it is impossible to tell for sure. So I tell her to go give the customer playing with your control box a good explanation and demonstration of what the controls are for.
Shortly you feel a rhythmic clenching of your pussy then your ass then your pussy, as the dildoe inflates and deflates, the two people are still spanking and whipping the “demonstration Mannequin”
You are so tightly stretched that there is no external indication that you are coming…