I often get asked what kind of cameras I use, and what I recommend for brands.

where to even start.

My Main Cameras:
Mamiya RZ67 Film
Nikon D200 Digital
Nikon F5 Film
Nikon F3 Film
Nikonos V Underwater Film
Polaroid Land 100 Film
Leica D-LUX-1 Digital Pocket
Leica D-LUX-3 Digital

Those are my main cameras.
I have a lot of others that I play with now and then.

As to what I recommend, I need to ask what are you going to be using it for photographing? and what are you going to be outputting the images to?

as to brand, buy the brand that most of your friends use. Nikon, Canon and Sony are the most popular. and they all work great.