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They look so peaceful when they are curled up together sleeping.

Photography is not a Crime

Carlos Miller has an online blog about primarily photographing the police, but it is very useful as a resource for what you can do in public with a camera.

a good article I recommend you read right away is:

Carlos has me beat in that he has actually been arrested for photography, where I have only been threatened multiple times, but never arrested for photography.


Promotional Girls

When I go to events I figured it would be fun to have girls in outfits running around handing out cards and such. I got a couple of catsuits from Essential Latex for the girls to wear. Here are some quick snapshots of the outfit:

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The Internet Offends Me

This is very good reading for all of the whining pussies out there with nothing better to do than report me to whoever for such stupid reasons. If you do not like what I have to say, or what pictures I post, go away. I am not forcing you to look, and read. you are coming here on your own accord. So if you do not like it, just go away.


Speed Reality

every 25 mph is a new reality experience for me.

under 25, walking or running.

over 25 a bicycle.

over 50 a motorcycle.

75 is faster than 50

75 you have to start paying attention.

100 begins the exhilaration. This used to be a daily ocurance for me, to get my blood flowing in the morning on my way to work.

125 is serious paying attention. My RX-8 the fastest I have observed on the speedometer is 148.

150 is things are moving fast, and it is a drug. My Formula 2 racebike does ~160

175 is getting close to an orgasm.

175 is the fastest I have been on the ground. It was as a passenger on a formula 1 sidecar rig.

I need to experience 200 now.

Update on Life

I was fired from my day job because of my photography. At first they said it would not be a problem, but that was a lie I now find out. Because I was a good corporate employee, and I told them what I did, they proceeded to find anything they could to fire me.

So now I have lots of time to take pictures.

I am not sure where I am going from here. I do know I need to make money until I find a new job, so if you have any projects you could use me for, it would be greatly appreciated.

Spoils of War

I am making available limited edition prints of the Spoils of War images that made me so “Infamous”

I will be printing five each of the images. They will be signed by the model, Mitsu, and myself.

Please contact me for purchasing information

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Legal Fees Fundraiser

Next Saturday, The 6th of October, 2012 I will be having an “Andraste Legal Fees Fundraiser”.

I will be selling prints from my Portfolio book. I will also have a very limited number of prints available from the “Infamous Photo Shoot” which I will have signed by the Model and my Assistant. You can see details here: Spoils of War

Essential Latex is donating a few latex clothing items for a silent auction to be held at the party is donating a Dyno tune for any Japanese and most Italian motorcycles to be auctioned in the silent auction.
They will donate the work and Dyno rental. Retail is $350 for 4 Cyl and $450 advanced twin tune


Funds generated in excess of what is needed for my expenses will be shared with the NCSF for all of the invaluable support they have provided to me.



The Facebook Event

If you prefer, you can donate to me via paypal:

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Singular Point of Thought

I have problems with anxiety and sometimes the only way to shut down my brain from spinning out of control is to get what I call a singular point of thought. I used to get it out of racing, then after crashing pretty badly and watching another person die while racing a motorcycle, my ex-wife put an end to my racing. After my divorce I tried sidecar racing for a bit. My friend that owned the sidecar rig had to sell it because of family reasons, so that was the end of that.

After that I used kink to get my singular point of thought. being chained down and tortured would give me the singular point of thought. my brain could only concentrate on the one thing. This seems to have caused problems in my relationships.

I bought a Ducati motorcycle. Riding that could get me into my singular point of thought or focus. Well, I had to sell that to pay bills. Being a single parent is expensive.

I tried Kink again. I met a wonderful woman who’s kinks aligned with mine. But my anxieties, combined with PTSD from my girlfriend right after I was divorced, caused me to have self doubt, jealousies and because of my depression that I have been going through, I felt helpless, and then I would lash out, get angry.

So now, no kink, no motorcycle… I am not sure what I am going to do to fix my brain.