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Speed Dealer 2015 Calendar

Come on down to Smarty Pants in Georgetown this Saturday evening November 22nd from 7pm to 9pm and get your SpeedDealer 2015 calendar and have it autographed by some of the models. The calendars will be 20.00 cash, 22.00 credit. I will have a square card reader for credit cards.

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Mechanophelia Group Shoot

A couple of friends, Kristy and Mechanophelia are having a group photo shoot at SpeedDealer Motors. You can see the invite here:




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Promotional Girls

When I go to events I figured it would be fun to have girls in outfits running around handing out cards and such. I got a couple of catsuits from Essential Latex for the girls to wear. Here are some quick snapshots of the outfit:

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Lydia McLane at Speed Dealer Motors

This shoot featuring Lydia McLane in Latex was for a calendar I made for Speed Dealer Motors in 2010.

After The Crash

After the crash, sometimes there is a lot of cleanup


I have this saying, “You know it is going to be a bad day when you hear helicopters circling overhead”

Especially This one…