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Seattle Erotic Art Festival

I am an invited Artist and will be showing two images at the 2015 Seattle Erotic Art Festival this year. Both of these pieces have very interesting stories behind them.

Saturday the 25th at 1 pm I will be giving a guided art tour, the theme of which is “Making Art in Public”. I will talk about what went into making the two pieces I have on display. My personal experiences on what you can and cannot get away with in public. The ramifications of what can happen by taking your art public.

I am looking forward to getting re-involved with the Seattle Erotic Art Festival

Public Fetish Photography Workshop

Would you be interested in attending a public fetish photography workshop?

I would present for the first part as to what you can and cannot do in public and provide references and resources.

The second part would be going out on an excursion with some models dressed up out and about in public.

Please contact me if you are interested.


Photography Classes

I will be holding photography classes at my location in a suburb just north of Seattle.

Some of the subjects planned are:

Guerrilla Photography, Shooting in Public Locations

Shooting with Natural and Ambient light

Shooting on Film, Medium Format, 35mm and Polaroid

Shooting Shiny things, Cars, Latex, Metal

Watch My Calendar here or my facebook page here for scheduling.

Any other subjects of interest, please contact me