Corporate Censorship

As you may or may not know, I take pictures of pretty shiny things. well, at least I used to. I have been thinking about doing it again.
The reasons I stopped are varied and not important to this conversation.

I also have a pay website, I used these to recoup some of my costs of taking pictures since I usually shoot for trade. A lot of people do not realize the expenses of taking pictures. Particularly since I use professional equipment and often shoot on film, and I usually provide the wardrobe.

Well, it seems VISA has fucked me over yet again. The first time was when I was setting up my websites and I had to pay them a fee to have my websites reviewed, and they dictated to me what I could and could not post.

Now I have to pay a fee again, and they had my processor disable the subscription abilities of my websites even before I got the notice that they were doing so.

Well, I happen to have had two processors. VISA also required the other processor to make me ante up their “fee” but with them I was allowed to just not take VISA and only take Mastercard or ACH etc.

So for the foreseeable future, the websites will go static and all of my photo galleries and videos will go up on RubberBound. I hope you will help support my photography by subscribing.

And here everyone thinks it is the government that is censoring the internet.

By the way, VISA is owned by Bank of America. Think about that before using either one of them for your finances.