Enhanced Privacy and Security
at the end of the shoot, any memory cards are pulled directly from the camera and turned over to you to keep after the shoot. Privacy and security is assured because you will have the only record of any of the images.

Makeup and Hair
A makeup and hair artist is provided to help with or completely do your makeup and hair for the shoot.

Modeling Coach and Assistant
Another Model is there to help with coaching and pointers and tips for modeling. they will also be your assistant during the shoot.

Provide Local Model or Models
I can provide a local model to photograph either of my choice, or with proper scheduling, one that you pick from a selection.

Provide Popular “Famous” models.
This option requires more scheduling flexibility. Travel charges for the model may apply.

Multiple Photographers
Multiple photographers can be present for photographing you or providing technical support while you photograph

Travel outside of the 50 mile radius of postal code 98101 will be at an additional cost.

Alternate locations can be scouted and found for either your photographer or model experience. These may require rental fees.

Public Locations
Public Locations can be used. There is additional requirements based on the location, such as security, travel, gear. The location will have to be evaluated for feasibility and legality.

Photographs can be taken on film, 35mm, Medium format, Polaroid

See How this works for setup and scheduling