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Promotional Girls

When I go to events I figured it would be fun to have girls in outfits running around handing out cards and such. I got a couple of catsuits from Essential Latex for the girls to wear. Here are some quick snapshots of the outfit:

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My First Hate Mail

My first hate mail was generated from these images. they were shot on film about 1999. Back then there was not much fetishized girls and guns images. The thing I found (and still find) is that the demographic of the people that find these the most offensive are males 18-45. and the demographic of people that like them the most are women 30+, particularly 60+

My personal theory is that they show empowered women and men feel emasculated by them.

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Public Fetish Photography Workshop

Would you be interested in attending a public fetish photography workshop?

I would present for the first part as to what you can and cannot do in public and provide references and resources.

The second part would be going out on an excursion with some models dressed up out and about in public.

Please contact me if you are interested.