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Domain Names and Website Hosting

I currently have 28 registered domain names of which I only use four of them. the rest are for other people or not in use.

I currently host 46 domains of which I use four, and one sub domain off of that.

It is getting out of hand since they are costing me 14.00 a year per name plus the hosting space of 425.00 per year.

I am going to go through the domains and see if they are being used. And if they are, if they have links back to me. If neither are true, then either help with the costs, or I will start deleting them.

I just plain am not as well off as I used to be and it is getting hard to give stuff away to people that do not help back.

Hosting Websites

I currently maintain 50 websites for people. A lot of these people I never seem to hear from anymore. none of these people are helping me pay for my hosting etc. which when all added up is over a thousand dollars a year between the base hosting and paying for the domain names.
If I am hosting your website, and I have not heard from you in a while, and I do not hear from you by the end of March I shall cancel the website.