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Latex on Film

I like shooting on film, and I like shooting pretty women in latex.

Here is a set I did a while back featuring Xesia and Gemma

These were shot on expired Portra 400 with a Nikon F3HP and on Expired Polaroid 667 in a Mamiya RZ67

I am interested in shooting more. please contact me if you are interested in modeling for me.




I have seen many pictures of a nude woman rolling around in a bed of rose petals. I figured I would try a different take on the theme and use cannabis leaves instead. It was a fun experiment. I need to redo it though, I should have left the leaves in the bag overnight instead of leaving them out to dry a bit, they started to curl and what started out as a grocery bag full of leaves turned into only a few presentable leaves that were usable.

In any case, I hope you like my first experiment:

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Promotional Girls

When I go to events I figured it would be fun to have girls in outfits running around handing out cards and such. I got a couple of catsuits from Essential Latex for the girls to wear. Here are some quick snapshots of the outfit:

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