The way “Andraste” got started is a friend and I had this idea for a video/photo series that we would post onto the internet.

In 1998

We would film short episodes and publish them on our website

Then some movies came out with sort of the same Idea, It was hard to find reliable people etc. etc. and we decided “fuck it”

And because of all of this, it is how I ended up with my name.

Anyhow, this is one version

The story:

The Making of Andraste

Scene one.

Erika is sitting at a worktable; she has a white lab coat on. There are electronic devices and computers and wires strewn around.
She is concentrating on her project when she sits up and tips her head back with her eyes closed and lips parted. She puts her hand down on her lap. This passes then she goes back to working on the small device on the table.
The camera zooms out slowly and you see what she is sitting on, it is a chair, but under it is a bound person and you cannot see their head. The camera zooms out further and you see another person suspended upside down in a latex suit with wires and tubes coming from their body.
Erika stands up and you see that the head to the bound body beneath her is covered in rubber except for the mouth and nose. You can see a tongue flicker through the latex.
Erika smoothes her lab coat and walks over to the suspended person. She makes some adjustments to a control box strapped to the body.
As she walks toward the camera it pans and she walks by a worktable that has another person on it, chained down spread-eagled face down.
She runs a finger down the spine of that person as she walks by. She takes of her lab coat revealing a short fetish outfit.
She turns out the light and walks out the door.

Scene Two.

Erika is in the kitchen looking in the cupboards for something to eat. Andraste walks in and wraps her arms around Erika and kisses her on the cheek.
Erika asks Andraste what she would like to eat. Andraste replies, anything, you.
Erika smiles.
Erika gets a loaf of bread down and gets out some slices to make sandwiches.
Andraste gets some items out of the refrigerator. And sets them on the counter. She walks over and sits down at the counter.
Andraste asks Erika, “What do you work on all the time out in the shop?”
Erika tells her, “just some electronics, work type stuff.”
Andraste asks, “Can I see?”
Erika Replies, “in a little while, when I am nearer to completion.”

Scene Three.

Erika walks into the shop and turns on the lights. You still see the three bodies in their bound positions. She walks over to the inverted bound body and adjusts some of the controls. She puts on her lab coat and goes over and sits down on her stool, adjusting her position to get the captured head in place between her legs. She leans over and works on her project.
She hooks the small device in front of her to a computer and types on the computer. Then she disconnects it, and gets up. She turns to the person lying spread-eagled on the bench behind her, and places the device next to the body. She puts on a mask and latex gloves. She gets pics up a syringe and injects something into the back of the person’s neck. Then she picks up a bottle of antiseptic and wipes down the area with gauze. She makes a small incision and picks up the device and appears to feed wires down into the incision. She places the small device on the back of the neck and appears to suture it in place.
She turns to the other table and picks up a small handheld device with a headset attached. She puts the headset on and points the handheld to the back of the person’s neck.
She talks into the headset, “wriggle your fingers.” The prone body, which to this point had made no movement, wriggles its fingers. “Lift your head and stick your tongue out.”
The person lifts its head and sticks its tongue out as commanded.
Erika removes the chains from its limbs.
Erika commands the person to sit up, and go lower the hanging body to the ground.
With no sign of emotion, just a glazed look in its eyes, the person sits up then gets off of the bench. It goes over to the chain hoist and pulls the chain lowering the rubber-covered body to the floor.
Erika commands the person to help carry the rubber-covered person to the table. They both lift the body up and lay it out on the table face down. Erika chains its limbs spread-eagled stretched to the table. She makes adjustments to the controls attached to the body.
Erika turns to the first person, and pointing the handheld computer at it, instructs it to lie down and sleep. The person lies down on the floor and closes its eyes and goes to sleep.
Erika turns and sits down on her special chair at the first workbench and begins work on another ‘device’.

Scene Four.

Both of the slaves are sitting on the floor, collars around their necks and chains to the wall. Their eyes are closed and their bodies limp. One is still covered in rubber, the other in a body harness.
Erika is standing in front of them pointing her handheld at them.
She narrates to them through the headset:
“Go to the main house, grab the woman there, and gag her. Bind her into a hogtie position, wrists together bound to her ankles behind her back. Carry her out here to the workshop and place her on the table. Then hold her in place while removing her bindings. Chain her to the table in a spread-eagle position. Then go to your station and await further commands.”
Erika unlocks the chains from their collars.
“Awake and act,” she commands them. They awaken and get up.
Erika hands the rubber covered slave leather cuffs and a gag. They walk out the door headed to the main house.

Scene Five.

The two slaves walk in the back sliding door to the house. They go into the living room where they find Andraste. She is startled to see these strange creatures.
Andraste asks loudly “Who are you, what are you doing here!”
No response, they just come toward her and reach for her. Andraste climbs up on the back of the couch. The harnessed slave grabs a hold of Andraste and the rubber slave pushes the gag into her mouth. You can hear Andraste try to scream. The slaves appear much stronger than andraste and quickly subdue her and drag her onto the floor. They cuff her wrists and ankles then padlock them together.
The slaves pick her up still squirming and carry her out the back door to the shop.

Scene Six.

They set her on the table. And hold her there. Erika comes to her and picks up a syringe. She injects Andraste in the back of the neck and she slows her struggling. The slaves then un-cuff her and chain her spread-eagle to the worktable. The Slaves go sit at their stations and relock their chains to their collars.
Erika tells Andraste, “you wanted to know what I was doing out here, now you will find out first hand. Erika cuts Andraste’s clothes away
She turns to the other table and picks up another ‘device’.
Erika puts on the mask and latex gloves, and prepares Andraste with antiseptic and anesthetizes her. She implants the device into the back of her neck.
Erika puts on her headset and plugs it into the handheld device. She mumbles to herself, I have to figure a better way of programming these slaves.
Erika commands to Andraste to lift her head and lick her lips. Andraste does just as commanded.
Erika removes the chains from Andraste’s limbs and instructs her to stand up.
Erica pics up Andraste’s new outfit which consists of a latex crop top and a hard leather panties that buckle and padlock around the hips. She puts the latex top on Andraste and picks up a couple of dildoes. She instructs andraste to bend over and hold onto the bench.
Erika lubes up the dildoes and pushes them up inside of Andraste filling her rear first with an inflatable plug, and her vagina full with a electric stimulation plug. She straps the hard leather crotch piece on then instructs Andraste to sit down on the bench between the slaves. Erika picks up some thigh boots and hands them to the slaves. Pointing the handheld she instructs them to put the boots on Andraste and lace them up. “Awake and act”. They open their eyes and each picks up a boot. They take Andraste’s legs and each puts a boot on and laces them up.

End of first episode, to be continued in the “Use of Andraste”, and the “Escape of Andraste”.


Kind of a bummer the first web crawl was in 2001 though:

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