Going Shopping

The sunlight streaming in the window wakens me from my sleep. I lay there for a bit and stretch. I look down to the bottom of the bed and see the cage. Inside there is a black pet, curled up under a black blanket. I was not dreaming. I smile to myself and stretch some more. I look out of the window. It will be a sunny day today. It is a perfect day for going downtown. I throw back the comforter and latex sheets. I crawl out of the bed and pull the sheets from the bed. I take them with to the shower so I can wash them.
I turn on the water for the bathtub, and pour a hot bath. I pad my way back into the bedroom. Kneeling over I look at you sleeping so contently in the cage. Unlocking the cage I reach in and pet you. You rustle around, slowly awakening.
“Bath time.” I speak softly
You do not say anything, just stretch out. I help you from the cage and taking your leash I lead you to the bathroom. I lean over and check the water, “perfect”.
I help you into the tub, latex and all. I unlock your zipper from your collar and re-lock your collar. Pushing your neck forward a bit I unzip your suit about 10cm in the back. There is a glass pitcher that I use to scoop up water from the tub and pour down your back inside of your suit.
“I want to clean you up a bit for our trip downtown. We are going shopping.”
“Where to?” you ask, your first words of the day.
“To a couple of shops I know of. There is one in particular I am sure I will enjoy. You might enjoy it also.”
You get a bit of a worried look on your face.
“Not to worry, you will stay somewhat comfortable, no real pain will be involved”
I see a bit of relief but not total relaxation. I can see the trepidation in your face.
We continue to get you washed up. I help you stand up and then drain the tub. Using my hands I squeeze the water from your suit. Zipping you back up I turn you around and smile. “So, Mittens or handcuffs? The mittens will be fare more comfortable”
You think for a second and agree, “Mittens”
Excellent choice. I zip you back up and re-lock the zipper to your collar. I lead you back to the bedroom and turn you around and sit you on the bed. I lift up you leash and wrap it around the cross pole on the bed. It snaps into a quick connect I walk to the Closet and take down a set of gloves and stocking. I pick up a set of boots as well and come back to you. I lift up your right hand and sit down beside you. I roll up the glove and slide it over your hand, and then I roll it up your arm. I take your left hand and slide the glove on that hand. I roll it up you arm as well. Standing up I come around in front and kneel down in front of you. I pick up your left foot, and take a stocking. I bunch it up and slide it over your foot. It is tight getting the ankle over your heel but with a little work it slides into place. I pull the stocking up your leg and to above your knee. I lift your foot and place it on my shoulder. Then I continue sliding the stocking up your leg. It reaches to your crotch. Setting your left foot down, I pick up your right. I slide the stocking onto your foot, the same struggle, getting the ankle over your heel. Then slide it up your leg. I lift your foot and place it on my shoulder again, so I can continue sliding your stocking on up to your crotch. I Stand and go to the bathroom, returning with a wet towel. I pull back the tops of your gloves and wipe out any powder inside. Then I do the same for your stockings. That will help the latex stick together resisting having them roll down.
Kneeling down in front of you again, I take one of the thigh high rubber boots. They are black with 5″ heels the soles are leather and the toes and heels are reinforced in patent. The eyelets are through style, not speed laces. The laces are of leather. The laces are already loose, so I slide it on your foot. I pull the top up to your thighs then start lacing it loosely. Up to close to the top when I run out of laces. I slide your other boot on your foot, and lift your leg slightly to slide the top up to your thigh. I then lace that boot up loosely to almost the top. Returning to the first boot, starting at the bottom I pull the laces tight. Getting partway up I put the loose ends in my mouth so they do not slide back, and I can get a better tighter lacing on your boot. I lace them all of the way up. Nice and tight so you will have better support in walking in the high spike heels. I stand back up and go to the closet again, returning with your mittens, a length of chain and some padlocks.
I take your hands one at a time and slide the mittens on. I lace them up snug but not so tight as to restrict your circulation. I remove your leash from the cross bar and stand you up. I pick up the chain and wrap it around your waist, padlocking one end to the middle of the other side, letting 50cm hang down. Then I pull that through your crotch and padlock it to the d-rings on your mittens. I take your leash and we head downstairs.
“Time for breakfast.”
I take you to the kitchen and put my hand on your shoulder pushing you to a kneeling position on the floor.
“Cereal and milk? Or Oatmeal?
I pick up your bowl and fill it with cereal. I pour some milk in and set it back down on the floor in front of you.
You look up at me with a puzzled look.
“Well? Aren’t you going to eat?”
“But but”
“Well there you go, just like the kitty you are”
You lean forward and start eating from the bowl. You are making a mess all over the floor. I kneel down and say quietly, “don’t make such a mess, I may have to punish you for that…”
You turn your head with a startled look in your eyes. I just smile at you. You start to eat more carefully. I think Damn, and I wanted to give her a good cropping, well the day is young.
You sit back and look up at me. “I am full.”
I take your leash and lift you up to standing. You teeter there on the heels, lets go up and get you cleaned up and give you a bathroom break before our adventure.
I lead you upstairs to the bathroom where I use the wet towel to wipe your face. I unlace your mittens and unlock the zipper pull from your waist chain. I let you use the restroom in private. When you are done I zip you back up. You wash your gloved hands, and come back to me and turn around.
I smile “good girl!”
I lift the mittens up one by one and lace your hands into them. I lead you to the bedroom, where I stop you in the middle of the room.
I pick up a latex hood with eye and nose holes, no mouth hole, and a rubber ball gag. I unlock your collar and remove it. Then I push the ball into your mouth and lifting your hair I buckle it behind your head under your hair. I unzip your catsuit part way down the back and tuck your hair in, then I zip it back up. I slide the latex hood over your head and adjust it so you can breathe and see easily. I smooth everything out then I put your collar back on, and lock it, locking your latex hood on with it. I take your leash and lead you downstairs into the garage. You hesitate a little when we pass through the kitchen. We get to the garage, and I take you to the car. I open the door and help you in and to sit down. Then I buckle your seat belt over you holding you in place.
“Sorry I do not carry you in the back, but we are going downtown, and I want to be safe.”
I close your door and walk around to the other side. I get in, and push the button to open the garage door. Then I start up the car and back out. I push the button for the alarm then close the garage door.
Off to downtown!
Having you hooded and gagged I cannot tell your expressions or thoughts as we drive.
It is a 20-mile drive to downtown, all in silence. So you can contemplate my earlier comment about one of the shops I will like a lot, and you may like.
We pull up in front of a fetish store. I park right in front. I get out and walk around the car to your door. I open it and unbuckle you. You struggle a bit not wanting to get out.
“No one knows who you are” I whisper in your ear. “You are hooded and gagged.”
With that you stop struggling and let me help you out of the car. You teeter there on those heels while I lock up. Then I lead you into the store. The manager is behind the counter. She sees you and smiles. “Patrick, a present? For me?”
“Did you set up the device I brought down the other day?”
“Yes, it is in the corner window right over there.” She points down to the far end of the store, by all of the latex clothes.
“Perfect.” I tell her.
I lead you down to the stand in the window. It is a steel tube rising up off of a turntable that will rotate. At the top of the ninety cm tall steel tube is a curved metal Seat, about 3 cm wide. At the back of the seat is another steel tube that rises up another 1 meter. There are eyebolts up the higher steel tube.
There are two d-rings in the turntable base.
Sarah, the store manager walks up to us, “can I help?”
“Sure, help me lift her up on this stand then hold her there while I chain her in place.”
We lift you up and set you on the ‘seat’. Then I take short lengths of chain and wrap them around your ankles padlocking them, then down to the d-rings in the base. I tether them snug, pulling your legs apart to about 40cm at your ankles.
The chain from your waist to your mittens is tight up in your crotch. I stand up and take short lengths of chain and wrap them around your body padlocking them to the eyebolts on the upright tube in back of you. Now you are securely fastened to your display stand. You can barely move. Sarah picks up a little black egg and pushes it in between your legs above your seat and into your cleft right up against your clitoris. There is a wire that leads down the pole and to a little box in the base of the stand. She flips a switch on the box. The door opens and your vibrator goes off. The door closes and it stops.
“I hope you get lots of visitors while she is here.” I tell Sarah. Sarah gives you a spin, and we walk off together to look for toys.

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