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Domain Names and Website Hosting

I currently have 28 registered domain names of which I only use four of them. the rest are for other people or not in use.

I currently host 46 domains of which I use four, and one sub domain off of that.

It is getting out of hand since they are costing me 14.00 a year per name plus the hosting space of 425.00 per year.

I am going to go through the domains and see if they are being used. And if they are, if they have links back to me. If neither are true, then either help with the costs, or I will start deleting them.

I just plain am not as well off as I used to be and it is getting hard to give stuff away to people that do not help back.

Latex on Film

I like shooting on film, and I like shooting pretty women in latex.

Here is a set I did a while back featuring Xesia and Gemma

These were shot on expired Portra 400 with a Nikon F3HP and on Expired Polaroid 667 in a Mamiya RZ67

I am interested in shooting more. please contact me if you are interested in modeling for me.



InnThrall Informal PhotoShoot

Yesterday I had the honor of an informal Photo Shoot at InnThrall Bed and Breakfast.

InnThrall is an excellent Kink oriented Bed and Breakfast located just north of Seattle.

For those of you who participated I have sent an e-mail on how to access the gallery. For now, here are a couple of teasers.

Public Fetish / Shooting in Public

I am throwing this out there to see if people would be interested in having me give a talk about shooting in public, shooting alternative images in public, what is allowed, what you need permission for, and what


to do.

I have been doing public fetish sorts of shoots for years in Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, many other places. I have been interviewed by the Police, Security guards and more.

I have made the news a few times for some of my shot in public work.

If you are interested send a message to me.

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