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Photography of  the Shiny, Pretty, and Dangerous.

I have a fascination for Women and machinery that can hurt me if not handled properly

I am based near Seattle, WA

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I am not your mom or your dad.

It is all porn to someone.

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I am Patrick Andraste.

I live on Camano Island, WA and I like to take pictures of people and things. I have garnered a reputation for controversial and risque photography work. I have been taking pictures in earnest for about twelve years now. I have been published in magazines, I have been shown in galleries and my work appears on many websites.

I take pictures that hopefully make you think, or at the least go what in the world are they doing…

I used to be a performer and model for fetish and bdsm pictures and video.

Anymore though, I am just trying to be just another guy living in the suburbs, two very smart kids, two cats, five turtles, three cars and all that goes with trying to live the american dream.
I used to have a day job is as an engineer for a very large corporation. I sat in a cubicle all day in a skyscraper downtown and try to figure out how to make things work and how much it will cost.
then I go home and wash the dishes and the laundry, feed the cats and the turtles and try to get the kids to do their homework and help around the house.
This is probably not the glamorous life you envisioned for me.

Now I am trying to sort through life and figure out what I want to do next. People keep prompting me to go full pro photographer. Funny thing is that I never thought of myself as a very good photographer.

I can easily travel around the northwest. Outside of the Northwest I am available with travel and expenses paid. I travel often to central California and the San Francisco area and to Portland Oregon.

If you have a project you would like me to work with you on feel free to contact me.

I have an eclectic selection of cameras to work with from medium format to digital to underwater. Depending on the shoot and the project, I can shoot film or digital.

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News and Updates

Underwater 5

A friend, Lew Rubens, came over to my pool a couple of years ago. I just came across the images again and thought I would share them with you. You can view the Gallery Here Models: Xesia and Karleena Photographer: Andraste Riggers: Lew Rubens and Andraste

Playing with my RZ67

An older shoot with Kristy. I have always enjoyed shooting with Kristy and she is highly recommended and very professional. Shot on film with my Mamiya RZ-67 I like shooting on film although it has gotten quite expensive. I have crates of film although in the move I seem to have misplaces my Polaroid film …